Of Pups & People


Big Max with the pink lip, my adopted son Dano’s name for our 140 lb lovebug.

“They,” say cats sell.  Well, since I don’t have cats, I will have to depend on my two Bouviers. Max & Jazz, the brother and sister duo from Chi-Town.  Max, seen pictured above and below, is just as love-able as he is big.  Dude has a super-sized heart and loves to love people.  He has never met a person he doesn’t want to give a big old pooch smooch to.  He is laid back too, dude hardly ever barks and is…well…the perfect dog. 20170302_113718_resized  This is Max at rest.  The Law of Bouvier Thermodynamics is strong in this one, and is evident here, (please don’t over-think this too much or correct me, I made it up-so it’s accurate and has its own unique rules).  Max is convinced that EVERYONE he meets wants him to lick them; and, no matter how many times I have tried to dissuade him from that idea, he still continues to be convinced that this is so…

He loves kids, any kind of kids but especially little girls, (he’s a dude so…).   He is hypoallergenic and he doesn’t shed, he does give off huge dust bunnies, which only presents a problem when you don’t sweep regularly…ummm…yeah, moving on.

We also have Jasmine, who we call, “Jazz,”


This is Jazz in her natural state of being or her camouflage state, another apt description.

Jazz has two looks, her wtf look, seen below, and her camo  look seen above.  She has perfected both.


You can tell both Bouviers belong to me, because the three of us love a good brisk sit.  Jazz also has kind of a bad attitude, (again she takes after her mom), however she loves kids too, especially little girls, who she loves to lick with impunity.  She is also vehwy,vehwy quiet which is amazing for such big dogs.  What she enjoyed the most was sitting for her self-portrait, painted by the talented local artist Neely Israel.


Jazz is the one on top, Big Max w/ the Pink Lip is, of course, on the bottom.  As you can tell Max shares my love for eatin…er…cooking.

Jazz just came in and laid down beside me, I guess she wants to make sure I’m doing it right, and  evidently I have taken too many pictures of her this morning because she just kvetched at me, (a low and slow Bouvier growl)…lol, and also gave me her WTF, stink-eye look.

I love my pups…

Till next time ya’ll!

Chef Kadie


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